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I've been: A misogynist, a racist, a republican, a Bernie supporter, a neoliberal, a catholic, a politician, an employer, and countless other things of which I am ashamed.
My sheltered ignorance and bourgeois programming are my lame-ass defence.
I only hope that if people like Saul of Tarsus and Carne Ross can walk the path of redemption that I might follow in their footsteps.

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Hi, I'm Tim. I was never on Tumblr. I work in retail and deal with my fair share of boobs every day thank you very much. I joined Sunbeam City for thoughtful Anarchist discussion and have yet to be disappointed. Probably one of the oldest tooters on this instance, I thank you in advance for your patience as I'm still unlearning decades of privilege and conditioning. I can contribute & to the milieu.

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Schrödinger's Mueller Report. Depending on who you ask, the report exonerates and condems Trump as the same time. (or both)

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Being privileged and awake means you have to hold the duality of benefitting directly from systems you are working against.

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it's still so here's my dad's chicken tortilla soup recipe.

1) boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs
2) 2 cans black beans
3) large bottle of salsa
4) 2 cans diced tomatoes
5) additions like corn and other beans are allowed

just toss everything in a crock pot, put it on low for the day. when you're ready to eat, remove the chicken and shred it.

the way we generally serve it is with tortilla chips at the bottom and cheese on top! feeds lots, but leftovers never last too long!

A white cop can shoot a black kid three times in the back and get away with it. Of course the “justice” system would never incarcerate officer Michael Rosfeld of 1519 Hudson Street, Verona PA 15147.

Clothes you can wash in cold water in a bucket and line dry are praxis.

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We are all of us more delicate than we are gentle, and that's the source of all problems

Here's a taste of the latest blog entry from --- Read: Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones by Torrey Peters Nobody can make their own hormones; storebought is fine Written by catteonbook - March 21, 2019 I was planning to put this with the other books I read recently, because I don't feel like I have something profound to say about it. But when has that ever stopped me. So when my inadequate review didn't get shorter than three paragraphs no matter how hard I tried, I decided to give it its own post. In Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones --- Sound good? Visit the blog to read more! (generated by the community Linux server at

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Here's a taste of the latest blog entry from --- Writing Issues Unique To Centralized Social Media Written by LWFlouisa - March 20, 2019 Centralized social media has a writing issue I'm not really sure there is really an equivalent to elsewhere: if you happen to be into ladies in Jesus sandals, because you view Jesus sandals in the same way most other people into women view stiletto heels: then on places like the Birdsite, you're at risking of having your post liked by the Jesus Sandal profile. I'm not suggesting they're the only place tha --- Sound good? Visit the blog to read more! (generated by the community Linux server at

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what is the "analogue loophole"? why do people say that removing the headphone jack would allow companies to restrict your ability to listen to music? (long, serious) Show more

A voice in my head just said:
"Why not bury a broken cast-off chest freezer and use it as a mini root cellar?"

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Hi, I am Guido, LU8EQ from Argentina. I've just signed up and started exploring this new world.
So making first toot for #introductions is a great way to begin with.
I really like vintage/classic ham radio gear.
73 de LU8EQ

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