I would rather have a million scrappy, weird, hard to follow concept shows and movies and albums than these huge, billion dollar productions that dominate our societal discourse around "art"


When I think about art, I think about my friend the cello teacher. She said something like, "In a way, I want musical instruction to go back to its original purpose. That is, we learn to play music because if we don't, there is no music." We should view art the same way. We make art so that there is art in the world. We should never say, "but it's been done." or, "I can just buy any of the mass produced art" We should think, "If I don't make this, there won't be anything."


It's been ages since I've read it but in the education theory textbooks I read at University there was one consistent theme in all the different theories.

The very top level was always related to synthesis. Being able to take acquired knowledge and use it to create something. And making a video, art, song, composition, story, etc. represents the highest level of intellect according to tons of education theorists.


or even, "i need to make these things (and sharing them) to become more truly alive."


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