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well so far, you can write better than him

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me, speeding down the highway with a dozen cop cars chasing me, trying and failing to out-maneuver me: “you can’t cancel what you can’t catch!”

On a related note, have you read Gentrification of the White Plains City Hall, Monday, May 7th, at 7PM to demand accountability of the English speaking world laugh and vice versa

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@MordecaiPinhas also they should give back all our shit that they stole.

Anyway, here’s a golden carriage the pope used to ride around in

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I feel like it’s easier to argue that the Catholic Church has too much money than it is to argue that it has too much power. Its power is intricately connected to the faith people place in it, which, ultimately, is a matter of personal conscience. But its accumulation of wealth is so incredibly disproportionate to its stated aims, philosophy and needs.

I can believe that video games are a legitimate, rich medium for storytelling and art while SIMULTANEOUSLY believing that they are an enormous time suck I don’t want to get involved in. I can do both. I can!

It is a fine thing to put gravy on fries. Perhaps even the finest thing

Sometimes I forget youse all have only been following me since I came to Mastodon, and therefore aren’t familiar with the obsessions I’m widely known on twitter for: chess and Moby Dick

Might fuck around and the spend the day listening to the Katamari Damacy soundtrack

My dungeon master's wife had their baby! Literal game changer!

I want to know more Anarchist theory, but I'm shy about reading it

THat's a good blanket fort, don't know how badly people wanna fuck robots without you

I have hopes and dreams of making art. Sometimes hanging out with a friend who I'd rather not tag into the structures of Academic institutions.

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