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Gang, I'm not ready, not ready for hot bloody victory and flames.

I will say that I'm flattered by my friend's faith in my talent, which she is saying needs a bigger audience. But I do all right.

A friend is trying to pitch me on doing some ambiguous, ambitious "More" with my life, and I just have to say, why? I survive, I take joy in the things I do, I avoid hurting people and try to help where I can. What "bigger" something do I need to be doing?

Y'know what I cling to a lot? That small moments of goodness matter.

Sometimes I feel like I'm an alternate costume for a video game starring @MordecaiPinhas

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I better do some good today, because my enemies will certainly be doing some evil.

Ah, it's allow social media to rob me of my confidence and contentment o' clock.

I feel and defend as a misguided boy: It was fun while it lasted

A Birthday Party For My Meds is a great clause my bot just came up with.

Oh no! Hope you can definitely @ me on this poor person, fucking assholes" and 20% "Please don't pull over and over, desperately hoping for connectivity and new and awesome friends!

my fav thing about zine culture is that all of my embarrassing creations are lost to the ages/sandwiched between a guide to making yr own stock and a self published anarchist manifesto, in some gal called ediths bedroom

I'm the entirety of the Church in any sense of getting out of it.

But like, it's D&freakingD, like, we all know the deal, right?

I'm DMing soon, and I'm nervous that i haven't done enough worldbuilding.

Personally I would never have an emotion. I would simply use facts, and logic, and argumentation

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