I think writing, like a lot of sci-fi, isn't made special by the technologies it believes in, but by the people it believes in. That is, by an ideology of hope, a fond glance toward the future.

In other words, I don't think writing should focus only on how we're going to survive the future, but WHY we should.

Also, should examine not only physical, material technologies, but sustainable cultural and emotional technologies

All this to say, I should be considered even tho I suck at writing sci-fi stories.

@gattogateaux This is a good question. The Talmud certainly jives with a hopeful vision of the future. They're messianists, after all.

@MordecaiPinhas I think that the core of #solarpunk is not in the technology at all. It's ethics and aestetics. Why and how, not in the literal sense often but on the social level.

@MordecaiPinhas I’ve been thinking about this wrt Indigenous cultures. They managed their environment for tens of thousands of years. That’s really good social and legal “technology.”

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