Hey, open-source-technologist-hiring-manager friends: If there was a mailing list or something on which we could share our open job information, so we might help fantastic finalist candidates find a good home when you can't hire all the good ones yourself, would you join up?

@Greg Yay! I would very much like to do this thing.

@K4_713 the first thing that came to mind what the Liberation Technology job mailing list. It was interesting to watch as I was job hunting before but I stopped after.

I mean, now that I think of this, it's even damn hard to get this right *internally*.

/me ponders

@Greg Totally. I think (and this is all early thoughts) it probably has to be a combination of a public job board to make it easy for good candidates to find related work, and a personal communication channel between hiring managers so we can say things like "Who is still looking for someone to do [x], because I have some great people" with the understanding that it's all nonprofit FOSS mission stuff. We'd also have to be super-careful about not allowing hiring managers to share personal information about candidates. The candidates should be the only ones doing that part.

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