Hey, open-source-technologist-hiring-manager friends: If there was a mailing list or something on which we could share our open job information, so we might help fantastic finalist candidates find a good home when you can't hire all the good ones yourself, would you join up?

Anyone have a good method for determining the pH of food items? I'm experimenting with making homemade hot sauce, and one of my goals is not to give anyone boutlism.

Who do you like for environmentally-focused charities? Who's doing good planet work?

I've been off Mastodon for a while, due to... basically upending my whole deal and joining a nonprofit investigative journalism startup: themarkup.org. Incidentally, we've got a log of hiring to do. Please have a look and send on to people who might like to see the opportunities in this first round! Most are based in New York, but I have a couple remote-friendly positions in there too:

Does anyone have any special insight into what goes into selecting plants for a living roof? Heat absorption? Root Depth? Water needs / drought tolerance?

For the last three days, my plantdata imports run all day with no issues, and die promptly at 2:37am my time.
Because of course they do.

Hi! I'm K4.
I took up hobby gardening and amateur botany as a way to put my open-source software job down sometimes... until I noticed that those things could go together in new and interesting ways. I've been building an open, highly-queryable plant/growing database that anyone can edit or help curate. Nothing really to show off yet (I'm up to my eyeballs in initial data imports rn), but there is a blog up at blog.plantdata.io with project updates.

/me waves enthusiastically

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