Disordered eating cw 

r/ zerocarb is absolutely buckwild. There's all of these people saying that they started zero carb and got sick, horrible diarrhea, unbearable cravings, old pains coming back from nutrient deficiency.

Discussing the desire to add even small amounts of carbs gets you banned. Furthermore, they believe that other viewpoints on what humans should eat are bullshit pseudoscience.

There are even people who have said their gums stop bleeding when they eat fruit, but they don't want to add fruit to their diet!

Moral of the story is, if you go on a diet that makes you extremely ill....stop doing it! Your body is trying to tell you something! Even if you're trapped in a cycle of disordered eating, you can reduce harm by not spreading it to others via the internet.

Disordered eating cw 

@Isocelesisopod What! The heck! Why, people! Good gravy. ):

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