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Regarding my recent Tweet about the word "walnuts" in the DK Rap in Donkey Kong 64: the game's composer, Grant Kirkhope (@grantkirkhope) has stated that the word was chosen for the rhyme with "peanuts" and did not represent any in-game objects.

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Lush's branding is weird because it does that classic "everything natural is good and everything synthetic is evil" thing but then....puts synthetic compounds in its products

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Remember fans, all mayonnaise is technically dinosaur mayonnaise because of how cladistics works

Love guinea pigs. It's like someone took a rat and said "what if it was a tiny horse lmao"

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fuck bitcoin im investing in tulip bulbs. the market can only go up again

I wish I could find books on traditional methods of home construction across the world but all I can find is stuff on stick-built homes :[

Saw the first bee of the season today! It was a big fat bumblebee!!!

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