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Just took a sick day and hyperfixated on Minecraft

Why does Instagram frighten me so much. It's so unsettling

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Like, increasing a 5% risk by 18% makes it roughly 6%, because 0.05*1.18=0.059. The new risk is not 18%, despite what the documentaries may say. I'm concerned that the people making these either lack a high school-level understanding of science and math, or are purposely misleading people for attention and profit :eyethink:

I should honestly start a blog just for debunking really bad health documentaries, some of those have genuinely abysmal understandings of what research actually says

I went up north for a very short visit and being able to go for a walk without hearing the roar of cars really helped.

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If I end up doing gardening this year I'm going to see if I can't make guinea pig dung a part of it. I sure have a steady supply of it. I've heard rabbit dung is a decent addition to gardens and guinea pigs have a very similar diet, so I assume it would be similar.

So my friends who I can barely get to go for a short walk in the graveyard watched an anime about camping and now they all want to go camping. Anime is good actually

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I'm always terrified to start using a new social media platform because with it comes the anxiety of not being able to instantly intuit the 500 unwritten social rules for it and getting harassed for it

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