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Time to get some soap made! This one is going to smell like grape soda! I don't even like grape soda, but grape lip smackers were always my favorite.

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One of the things I'm really picky about in Minecraft texture packs is contrast in the level of detail. If Stone blocks have a lot of visual interest, I can't contrast the relatively smooth stone with a more interesting block like Brick or Glazed Terracotta.

On a related note, anyone have any good texture packs they could rec for 1.15? 32 or 16 bit, my laptop is not that good

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I judge the quality of a texture pack solely by whether or not Sandstone blocks look good

Cattle are better than horses bc the cows come up to the fence when my partner rides past the pasture and the horses have been known to bolt away in panic

I really do think I have a more discerning nose than other people, which is good but frankly a lot of scent blends are bad, overpowering, or artificial to me. Does make finding good soap scents a bit easier, though.

I should have enough money to buy soapmaking supplies again, which is good because I really miss making soap and I am approaching the end of my holiday leftover soaps

One thing that I always think about in the case of a shift in social organization: how will needs for medication be handled? Our current system of creating and distributing it is globalized, complex and bureaucratic. How could we continue to care for people who depend on medicine in any system different than this one?

Anyway, what kind of things have you done to love your body and overcome diet culture? What are you proud of, and what are you still working on?

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You haven't killed the cop in your head unless you killed the one who makes value judgments about food. Solidarity with people who struggle with disordered eating.

Let's see if string of hearts can survive in my apartment. I'm a little dubious about how often to water- don't want to drown it, but it's terribly dry in here. :aloe:

Disordered eating 

I love rodents because they are literally the most curious creatures on Earth. I was holding a messenger bag I have and Snickerdoodle was like "oh is this an item? I've heard about items before"

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Iris 'Cantab', my first late Winter/early Spring flower in the garden. This is a reticulata* iris, a dainty small/dwarf iris.

*reticulara relates to the fibrous net surrounding the bulb.

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