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My wife vs. neoliberalism, story includes anti-poor attitudes 



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Hieronymus Bosch's parents really doomed him to be a freaky painter with that name, huh

I mean, you can just be a schoolteacher or cheese shop proprietor with that name

Do you think Tabaxi ever do the thing cats do where they sloooooooowly stare at another cat, raise one paw, and then deliver a slow-mo punch? I think about that a lot :blobcatshy:

Disordered eating, capitalism 

Living walls look cool but I wonder if they're viable without plastic

God can you IMAGINE if other branches of science could get away with half the shit nutrition research does

It's all so low-quality! If your data was that bad in any other field you'd be laughed out of it but in nutrition you get commended for your contributions

Whenever I see scientific discoveries credited to a particular scientist I always think about everyone involved in the discovery actually happening. While no one could dispute that the authors put a lot of work into their findings, who is being left out? What about the partner who takes care of the children or home so the researcher can focus on their work? What about the underpaid or unpaid interns who do much of the heavy lifting? What about the janitor that keeps everything clean and liveable and the office staff that keeps things running logistically? Everyone's labor is a crucial part of this puzzle, but whose work gets acknowledged?

ME: You know, Chelsea boots.

GF: What are those?

ME: I think they're also called 'Beatle boots.'

GF: Beatle boots!

Me: No!!!


I drive by the GM plant every day and I always honk and wave. It seems to make people really happy!

I am friends with a couple and one of them spent a solid hour listening to sea shanties to get in character for tabletop and the other one got sick of sea shanties and thinks that all the ones about 'Johnny' are about the same person

Firefox won't stop showing me junk science articles about people's disordered eating behaviors and how they got ~so much healthier~ by [doing disordered behavior]

Might just have to find a new browser

Tabletop is weird because if you asked people if they want to meet weekly to sit around a table imagining things for 3+ hours a week they would probably say no, but if you tell them complex rules and probability is involved suddenly they're all about it

Food + 

Saw a very fat toad last night and was so ecstatic my brain kinda shut off for a moment and I dropped out of the conversation I was having

Racism - 

I got car advice from an old man at the Learning Center today and in return I helped him with the spam notifications he was getting on his phone. Mutual aid B)

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