Tabletop is weird because if you asked people if they want to meet weekly to sit around a table imagining things for 3+ hours a week they would probably say no, but if you tell them complex rules and probability is involved suddenly they're all about it

Food + 

Saw a very fat toad last night and was so ecstatic my brain kinda shut off for a moment and I dropped out of the conversation I was having

Racism - 

I got car advice from an old man at the Learning Center today and in return I helped him with the spam notifications he was getting on his phone. Mutual aid B)

Ecological - 



Extremely disappointed that 'discount' means what it means and not "disco vampire"


Adhd, Autism - 


Nonbinary +- 

Nonbinary +- 

homophobia, tumblr 

Social media, +/- 

Doesn't speak very highly of my computer repair abilities if I'm looking up how to diagnose hardware issues and I'm getting ads for the local dump :[

In other news, I am now the proud owner of a headache and sore throat

Essential oil diffusers should be banned in workplaces tbh

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