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Really like. Worried about the additional level of surveillance that a legal name change subjects a person to, as well as functionally being on a list as a trans person. Don't know how to reconcile this with how much I hate my legal name

Thinking about how in many places you need a background check to change your legal name but not to buy a gun, making genders officially more dangerous than actual lethal weapons

My coworker got a promotional.... miniature flowerpot and marigold seeds. They actually sprouted, so we got some dirt and planted them in a coffee can with some drainage holes. The plant seems happy about the change and is growing well since the move. I kind of want my own work plant now, maybe something like Haworthia or Echeveria. Gotta figure out what would work in a warm West facing window first.

Weird that my bank keeps pushing savings accounts with APYs substantially lower than inflation 🤔 capitalism at it's dumbest

Food, food insecurity 

Fundamentally, I think, most of the efforts directed at 'improving' the eating habits of poor people are born out of nothing but hatred and revulsion. We know (and they know that we know) that we should be eating more home cooked meals, we should be eating more (highly perishable!) fresh vegetables, that we should be eating more foods that cost more and are far more time-consuming to prepare. They are aware of our financial poverty as well as our time poverty. And yet, so few efforts are focused on actually *enabling* people to eat differently. I would certainly eat better if I had more time and money wasn't as tight. Most people would. The best way to guarantee people eat better is to raise wages, reduce the number of hours they need to work, or give them money they can put towards food. But there's no money for that. There's only money for billboards.


So like. Do other autistics really hate soda, or is it just me? It's way too intensely flavored and sweet, and the bubbles hurt my mouth.

Time to get some soap made! This one is going to smell like grape soda! I don't even like grape soda, but grape lip smackers were always my favorite.

palm oil 

God I really wish people were able to understand that issues were complex. Sure, everyone hates palm oil now- guess what, the other oils that would replace it in the tropics are less productive more acre, meaning even more clear-cutting. Again, things aren't simple enough for a hashtag.

Disordered eating 

In just six months I have seen two people become so sick from ""intermittent fasting" that they lost their jobs or quit. Both people had jobs they were well liked at and paid well, but they were so sick they couldn't even think clearly anymore. Fuck the diet-pushers and everyone who thinks this is okay.

One of the things I'm really picky about in Minecraft texture packs is contrast in the level of detail. If Stone blocks have a lot of visual interest, I can't contrast the relatively smooth stone with a more interesting block like Brick or Glazed Terracotta.

On a related note, anyone have any good texture packs they could rec for 1.15? 32 or 16 bit, my laptop is not that good

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I judge the quality of a texture pack solely by whether or not Sandstone blocks look good

Cattle are better than horses bc the cows come up to the fence when my partner rides past the pasture and the horses have been known to bolt away in panic

I really do think I have a more discerning nose than other people, which is good but frankly a lot of scent blends are bad, overpowering, or artificial to me. Does make finding good soap scents a bit easier, though.

I should have enough money to buy soapmaking supplies again, which is good because I really miss making soap and I am approaching the end of my holiday leftover soaps

One thing that I always think about in the case of a shift in social organization: how will needs for medication be handled? Our current system of creating and distributing it is globalized, complex and bureaucratic. How could we continue to care for people who depend on medicine in any system different than this one?

Anyway, what kind of things have you done to love your body and overcome diet culture? What are you proud of, and what are you still working on?

Disordered eating + politics, leftists read this 

For real though, food is the one place where leftists and fash agree. No matter how anarchist you are, you can't imagine just eating a piece of cake without thinking about how 'bad' you're being for eating it. You say you care about people with eating disorders, but you're talking in PUBLIC about how we're all dying from not eating clean or natural or whatever that bullshit is.

What I am saying is, you probably have more in common than you are willing to admit with the conservatives who are always on about how soy turns you into a girl. Acknowledge this and start to work through it.

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