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It's finally warming up here! The birds have begun singing. Still no insects or flowers, though.

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It's a tragedy that they've never released antiseptic sprays that look like Super Potions πŸ€”

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I swear I live in a point and click adventure game. I asked my gf where the Tums were and she said they were "in the skull."

They were in the skull.

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@reconbot @InvaderXan

octopus: πŸ™
me: yes. you’re right. we must unionize!

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Hey guys it's that time of night where Rowan stops being depressed and wants to learn a new skill

I want to learn

:snake: Python :snake:

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Part of me wonders if my BS in biology just isn't enough to get a decent job with and I should just go get an MS sooner than later. The other part of me worries that I would end up in the exact same boat I am in now, with a quality education but without the several years of experience it seems to take to get a job in the field.

I really wish I knew what to do. I am even considering going back to school at the undergraduate level to see if some certificate or even a change of field could help me, if I could manage to afford it.

Homemade oatmeal soap is very good for the skin and the gentle scrubbiness is very stimmy! :ablobreach: :rainbowdance:

People who understand animal behavior: why is littermate syndrome an issue in dogs but not cats? I can't find any info on it.

I'm watching a documentary about flat earthers, let's see if I don't die of secondhand embarrassment

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Has anyone on here done a Master's degree while also having an emotional or learning disability and would be willing to speak with me regarding their experiences?

how do they decide which art goes in the galleries and museums and what art is unimportant. how is that chosen

Something to ask yourself as an organizer: can you make things accessible by default, rather than by request? Can you approach organizing with the idea that disabled people will want to be involved, and with the idea that their presence is enriching, not inconveniencing?

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