It is nearly fucking 2021. I should not be having to deal with font encoding issues turning commonly used symbols like – and " into a bunch of garbage characters. UTF-8 exists for a reason.

@InvaderXan Full ACK! I had this encoding problem just yesterday, because some idiot site did not use UTF-8. I am thankful for Linux' iconv, but it is still very annoying.

@carl @InvaderXan It can be a "fun" puzzle to work out the sequence of conversions resulting in a particular mangling.

@carl Frankly, a bit part of this is the fact that there are three operating systems which inexplicably refuse to standardise things. So annoying to create an input script in Linux, upload it to a Unix server, and then find that it doesn't run because the software which parses it needs me to use Windows line breaks. Yes, this has actually happened to me.

@InvaderXan @carl Microsofts insistence to stick to UTF-16 also strikes me as very strange

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