In 2020, the world collectively spent approximately $1.8 trillion on its militaries. If that much money was spent on food, welfare, healthcare, and infrastructure, I doubt there would be much reason left for everyone to keep fighting.

Two Very Smart™ bootlicking replies in just under 3 hours. Fediverse, you're really outdoing yourself today.

It's worth noting that the people who decide to spend on militaries instead of FWHI, is the same pushing for the fight.
And if there weren't so many weapons, fighting wouldn't be a viable option.

@NicholasLaney It’s probably because they keep making money from it as long as it keeps getting funded

@InvaderXan Do you like want a list of reasons people kill each other without what you mentioned being on the list? Because it’d be a long list regardless

@InvaderXan have you tried actually considering the problem?

You really think you can placate humanity into not fighting? The fuck are you smoking?

hey! no handouts for lazy bums!
(mumbles) ... bootstraps....

@InvaderXan 100% agree. I get morons In my comments as well, they seem to go out of their way to make moronic nonsensical points under leftists comments. Hard to tell If they're trolling or not.

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