If anyone has zombie weasels on their 2020 bingo card, you can cross off that box

(Before any one tries to correct me, yes I know that mink are not actually weasels. But they are from the family Mustelidae, which is known as the weasel family. So)

@professor_stoke Without all these people to overexplain things to me, I wouldn’t know anything at all!

@InvaderXan please tell me it's from a parody/satire website

@InvaderXan @maloki no! Just deer, raccoons, snakes, dogs and cats. We should write in and tell them about the zombie ants

@dreadpirateyarr @maloki OMG the fungus controlled zombie ants are simultaneously horrifying and fascinating, and I'm pretty sure they inspired an episode of the X-Files one time.

Just in case you don't already know about zombie ant fungus:

@InvaderXan @maloki I remember reading about them not long ago, I can’t remember if it was from a post on here or not! Another reason to be terrified of fungi

@maloki @InvaderXan I read the article and what's actually happening is that the gases from the decaying corpses sometimes push them out of their graves, which are generally only three-ish feet deep

@InvaderXan The danish headlines about this was much more boring

@lilletale @InvaderXan
The second I saw the headline I knew this was about Denmark

@InvaderXan it’s GREAT CLICKBAIT YEAH but the reality is much more boring. their bodies inflated. they did not become alive.

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