Follow @ljwrites When I've had more gender-neutral avatar images and talked mostly about science, people would always just assume I was a white guy. But the moment I posted about feminism, everyone just assumed I was a cis woman. If I spoke out about trans rights, the TERFs started showing up. If I talked about Black Lives Matter, racists would appear. Keeping a neutral presentation was... interesting.

Bigots just don't believe it's possible to care about people who aren't like them.

@InvaderXan @error_1202 @ljwrites had a similar experience.

Lately I've been thinking it's not worth engaging on topics like that even if I care deeply. All it ever seems to do is make me sad

@fluffy @ljwrites Perfectly understandable. Also, sadly, exactly the kind of depressing result the bigots want. They want us all to stop caring about other people.

If you can't manage something, then you shouldn't. We all have to take care of ourselves and we all have limited spoons. But personally, as long as I have the energy to do so, I'll never consider it not worth standing up for others.

@fluffy @ljwrites
(That said, I do not always have the energy to do so, especially recently)

antiblack racism, uspol 

@InvaderXan @error_1202 "Bigots just don't believe it's possible to care about people who aren't like them."

👆 And that's the essence of what makes them bigots.

That reminds me, back when I showed my real face on the internet, Some White would show up whenever I commented on racism to inform me that Black people hated me because I was Asian so I shouldn't speak up for them. I hope every single one of those patronizing racists is crying right now over the election results and is otherwise having a terrible life 😘

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