I'm not even slightly American, but I would like to propose that Thanksgiving 2020 be replaced by the Dionysian Mysteries. Instead of turkeys and soft colonialism, we shall have November festivities of ritualised chaos, innebriation, and cultivation of the sacred plants!

Those sacred plants, by the way, are grapevines (obvs), figs (believed to purge toxins), pine trees (used as a preservative), and ivy (which was seen as some kind of anti-grapevine).

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Conveniently, the festival of Rural Dionysia, which involved theatrical performances, was held around the Winter Solstice.

I'm just saying!

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@InvaderXan at this point i'm almost wanting to suggest we replace veterans day / remembrance day with this instead

just because it would be a better and less unproblematic remembrance on nearly every level

@carcinopithecus The Dionysian Mysteries are supposed to be celebrated three times per year. We can absorb more than one western celebration!

@clifstan that was a mistake, but now that i think about it i'm not sure if it was a mistake or a freudian slip

@QueenMollyBones After how awful most of 2020 has been, I'd be all for trying to revive the Cult of Dionysus. As a treat.

@QueenMollyBones @InvaderXan sounds like a great way of drinking hot mulled wine over the winter solstice.

@freyja_wildes I mean, yeah, where Dionysus is involved, sex and wine are pretty much obligatory!

@InvaderXan this sounds very nice, is it linked to a certain date or time of year? or can we just slot it in anywhere?

@conatus I'm not entirely certain TBH (I need to read more), but Dionysus had a whole bunch of festivals. Which makes sense, considering he was an agricultural deity in a world where everyone depended heavily on farming.

@InvaderXan @conatus I like to imagine that every dionysian feast day was followed by the feast day of the far less popular god of hangovers

Like, no one remembers the name of the god of hangovers, because who's going to build a temple to the god of hangovers

@InvaderXan I bet I could combine parts of this with my friend group's new November tradition which we are calling Bad Movie Holiday.

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