Oh, is Discord bad now? Was only a matter of time, I guess

I do not know what this is about, I’m only going by what other people are saying on the timeline. Please stop asking me!

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@InvaderXan Discord may not be perfect, but after seeing what they do for marginalized folks, they're still on the good side of things unless they're secret Nazis or something.

Everything is bad, except when it isn't, but it also always is, so choose your own socks, I guess.

@InvaderXan Is it? I was happy to hear that our younger generation has moved their communication from their super secret cousins group on FB to Discord, although I would be even happier if they would use the family mailing list I set up for everyone, since even their technophobe uncles can cope with that.
Do I have to start questioning what they are doing on Discord now?

@InvaderXan I've not seen anything on my TL that could elaborate on any recent doings, sorry

Maybe it's the sticker thing? Idk

@InvaderXan i mean, i thought we all knew it was always bad?


I think it's related to privacy concerns. Which I feel is a given for any platform you can't self-host. This is the only article I could find on the topic

@zzz @InvaderXan any proprietary service, really. Closed + gratis usually means data harvesting

@JayVii_de @zzz @InvaderXan I mean discord has extra features for pay. I have no idea if that's enough to pay for the free services though, or whether they data harvest to make up their income.

But yeah, if a service is free, you're not the customer, you're the product.

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