Queer behaviour is observed by biologists in every major animal group in every geographic region on Earth, and has been observed by humans for over 2000 years. No animal species has been conclusively shown not to have any queer behaviours.

Science has shown repeatedly that queer is normal in this world. It's homophobia, transphobia, and anti-queer bigotry which are unnatural.

@InvaderXan Tell me about it! I find this reassuring, as I'm bisexual and used to feel very conflicted about it.

@calculsoberic Yeah, realising this can certainly help to accept yourself. Humanity, particularly under the influence of western society, has been conditioned to believe that something completely natural in the world is some kind of aberration. It's horrifying when you think about it.

@InvaderXan Oh, it definitely is! I have to wonder where all of this came from. Religion?!

@calculsoberic Not the religion itself so much as the handful of repressed people in charge of it, sadly. But that's a whole different can of worms, to be opened some other day.

@InvaderXan sure. I didn't necessarily mean to bring that up, but it occurs to me from time to time. My partner knows my orientation and is ok with it!!

@InvaderXan This! Though in my opinion, what is natural shouldn't even matter at this point.
Because come on, if clothes and medicine and computers and football and politics can all be things that other animals don't do/have, then even if there weren't any queer animals whatsoever, humans could still be that way.
Just let humans be human in their own way damn it. Even if there ever was a "normal", nobody would fit it if looked at hard enough.

@Mayana Indeed. Humans seem to love putting things in boxes and prohibiting some of them for no good reason.

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