Our world is chock full of examples why capitalism cannot be sustained. From climate change, to the pandemic, to the much more basic problems like food insecurity, a world designed so that an elite few can appease their greed is ill equipped to deal with any of the serious problems we face. Only a world which doesn’t demand that everything be profitable can do that.

Don’t believe people who talk about the problems capitalism actually can fix, either. Those problems were almost always manufactured by capitalism itself.

@InvaderXan Before giving up on capitalism, we need to invent something that works better.

Several variations of socialism have been tested at national scale, and produced other problems. You could argue that those problems were minor and society was overall better off with socialism... but that was true, then why did people keep fleeing from socialist countries and not the other way around?

@InvaderXan To be clear: I'm not pro-capitalist and anti-socialist. I just want to live in a well functioning society. I'd be happy to vote for a new order that's been shown to work in the real world. Of course it has to deal with human irrationality, corrupted politicians, international trade, and so on.

I don't think there's anything concrete right now, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

@codewiz Several versions of socialism have not been tested at national scale. Most democratically elected socialist governments throughout the 20th century were immediately deposed by the USA, sometimes by direct military intervention, and replaced by totalitarian dictators.

The principle reason for this was to fool people into believing that "before giving up on capitalism, we need to invent something that works better."

@InvaderXan Yes, the US totally had a phobia of socialism until the end of the cold war. Not so much nowadays...

Socialism has also evolved to coexist with free market economics:

In my previous post, I was referring to pure Socialism, the version which aims to plan the entirety of the productive economy. I don't believe it would be feasible here in Japan, where Abe's administration struggled to produce 2 masks per household, and after 2 months distributed this product:

@codewiz No, in your previous post you explicitly referred to "several variations"

@codewiz @InvaderXan “Yes, the US totally had a phobia of socialism until the end of the cold war. Not so much nowadays...” -> Huh? Have you heard about the situation in Bolivia? The US took an active part in trying to destroy non-capitalist systems in the last years… In each case, the US was not necessarily the biggest event that lead to these situations, but they helped a lot of coups to prevent non-capitalists to get into power 😕 This is especially noticeable in South America, where the precense of the US is quite palpable.

@InvaderXan Nah, c’mon, money is totally useful! Sure it’s only useful for the sale of one time use disposable commodities, and an engine of ruin in every other economic transaction, but hey, that’s something!

@cy Oh, money itself genuinely is useful, and I unironically have no issue with it.

The thing that's nonsensical is currency. Things like inflation, interest, price hikes, deficit, exchange rates. The value of this one type of currency could fall tomorrow, and I could have less than I did today, despite not doing anything myself. It's clearly absurd. And yet, we've all been taught this is normal.

@InvaderXan Well, without interest, the only thing money’s good for is selling stuff. And once you sell something, all transactions are final. So you make more money by making what you sell less reusable, and you can lose money buying a bad product unaware. So for reusable non-disposable commodities you still have to get the law involved to make up for money’s shortcomings. The only time money doesn’t fail is in buying single use disposable commodities, or buying other forms of money.

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