Your experience of a place on the internet will be vastly improved if you unfollow and/or mute the most negative people who keep crossing your feed, and spend less time talking about all the things you hate.

Yes, any place. It feels nice. Try it.

Additionally: try turning off boosts once in a while, especially if you're following over 200 people. Too much noise.

@InvaderXan It would be nice if you didn't kick out all people with depression.

@anthra Speaking as someone who frequently has depression myself, spending all my time listening to people talk about how shit everything is and how much they hate things does not make anything better for me.

Other people have a right to their depression. That does not mean they are necessarily depressing to follow. And if they are, it does not mean I must sit here and allow them to exacerbate my own depression out of some misplaced sense of obligation.

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