Random advice: Internet advertisers have added a new thing to try and collect your data. If you ever see the LEGITIMATE INTEREST link on one these "we value your privacy" popups, click it and click the OBJECT ALL button.

"We value your privacy"

I think we both know that's not true.

I don't know who came up with this "legitimate interests" garbage but I'm sure they were very pleased with themselves. Honestly, this just sounds like the exact same stuff I've already said no to, changed very slightly so I need to say no to it again.

They think that making me individually object to like, a couple of hundred of these things is going to make me get bored and just click the accept button. They're clearly underestimating just how much of a petty bitch I am!

Seriously, I did this once already when tumblr gave us a list of advertising partners. I'll do it to anyone else who tries.

@InvaderXan Gods, I want someone to set Quantcast's offices on fire. :blobdisapproval:

@Jo on a TOTALLY UNRELATED note, would you like to go out for cocktails sometime? I know this nice little bar downtown called Molotov's...

@InvaderXan i wonder if 1000 years from now the word "value" just unironically plainly means "will not consider in any way important"

@carcinopithecus Funny thing is, this is exactly how language really does work.

Take the word egregious for example. It was originally a positive word which was only ever used for genuinely impressive things. But it was used sarcastically so much for so long, that it's now exclusively used in a negative context!

@carcinopithecus It happens surprisingly often, all over the world.

Similarly, the word 貴様 (kisama) in Japanese is a word anyone who watches subtitled anime may recognise as a common insult. It was originally a very respectful term, used among samurai. But because of the tendency in Japanese for excessive levels of respect to come across as rude, kisama is now purely an insult.

@InvaderXan @carcinopithecus The word 'nice' originally meant 'ignorant' (from the Latin 'nescius'), the word 'silly' meant 'blessed' or 'holy' (it still does in Dutch, "zalig", although in that language it has also morphed in meaning and is now mostly used to mean 'delicious').

@InvaderXan Oh, they do! But, in the sense of an auction appraiser.

@porsupah Ah. Telling the truth, but that truth is not the truth you believe it to be!

@InvaderXan The reason why adtech needs to die and most of the world needs stronger privacy laws.

@joeo10 Totally. The internet was better before everyone decided to Monetise™ it

@InvaderXan I still feel to this day that the internet was more free in the 1990s until 2001. That September was where most of our global civil liberties went away.

@Karen5Lund I use twitter often and no, I haven't seen this. Pretty sure they base that stuff on who you follow, where you are, and what you talk about though. Which, in fairness, is information I knew I'd be posting when I signed up for an account there, unlike the random news site I clicked a link to one time.

@InvaderXan I'm pretty sure this shit wouldn't hold up in court. Bullshit that it's so sparsely enforced

@amandag Yeah, they can mostly just do whatever they want it seems. Though at least they now have to do so in the open instead of hiding it all where we couldn't see it. Though it makes me realise what an immense drain advertising is capable of putting on my bandwidth.!

@InvaderXan yeah I've been using adblockers everywhere for years, this being one of the main reasons

@InvaderXan I installed an extension on my browser called "Consent-O-Matic" when I had enough of this kind of bullshit. It does not work perfectly but it's good enough for now. 😔 👌

@InvaderXan The cherry on top is the (all caps) "We Value Your Privacy" in large type in the header of such dialog boxes.

(Such wording always needs to be read with an invisible footnote "by the megabyte")

@porsupah @InvaderXan "We Value Your Privacy" - in fact, we think it's too valuable for you to keep all to yourself, so we're just going to help ourselves. Oh, and you're out of milk.

@InvaderXan Can't they shove their ads where the sun doesn't shine already? In addition to adblockers and scripts I had to switch to Adguard DNS to stop seeing this shit all over internet.

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