Stop saying antifa.

Start saying anti-fascist.

Make them say out loud what they’re really afraid of.

Posts like this always bring out the fash sympathisers...

@InvaderXan "I'm anti-fascist." - "What? You're against the current order of society and everything I believe in??" - "Hmmmm... if fascism is the order of society... I guess, yes, I'm against that."

two things I dislike about the word "antifa" (when used in North America)
1. people have started pronouncing it weird (it's "AN-tih-fah", not "an-TEE-fah")
2. it sounds foreign (especially with the new pronunciation - and is, in fact, a German/European French abbreviation that, since #europeiscooler, we started using around here (as early as the '90s, actually, but it obviously took off in a bigger way around 2016)

agreed with Gelderloos when he said, 3 years ago or so now, that groups going by the name Anti-Racist Action (ARA), or some variant, have had a longer and more prolific history on this continent, in comparison to "anti-fascist" groups that existed in the literally post-fascist countries of Europe. N.A. did not experience a "fascism" that was meaningfully distinct from white supremacy and colonialism that was already long established before the 1930s; it had a different experience, namely of the Rooseveltian New Deal

also, like, it's worth noting that "anti-fascism" is a pretty vague idea in itself, which can also be deployed by, like, fascists. (best example: Russia, where 161 and other such symbols can be deployed, without cognitive dissonance, in rallies in support of the contemporary Russian state and/or the historic state presided over by Stalin)

in 2020, I think it's probably a good a time as there ever has been to talk about fascism as both a present threat on Turtle Island and, in some qualitative fashion, distinct from all the racism, white supremacy, and colonialism that was already going on. and now that it's being used as a term of derision by rightist pundits, the word "antifa" is here to stay, so it's time do damage control

so yes, definitely get as far as actually saying "anti-fascist" - but definitely, like, spell out your ideas even further that, too


@InvaderXan Agree. Yet, comparing that to my East-German days of youth, it seems the definition of what a "fascist" is has changed and at times is hard to grasp.

@z428 @InvaderXan i like to refer back to Eco's Ur-Fascism ( from time to time

it's not perfect, but it's a good basis

@meena Makes sense. At least it seems clearer than just having a post-WW2 understanding of German fascism in mind. Thanks. 🙂 @InvaderXan

@z428 so i grew up in and then very quickly fled post-Tito Jugoslavija

after 30 or so years i can say… something…

If a country's identity is based around a person-cult, like Tito, that's a pretty good indicator…

but it's not enough

it needs a cult of war / death.
for (everlasting) war you need enemies within and without, and that's what Milošević — who quickly developed a person cult: by uniting the Serbian people all over Jugoslavija, and protecting them from the other Muslims & Catholics

@meena Well, I agree. That sort of aligns with how I perceived fascism so far, and that's why at times I feel a bit uneasy about how the term "fascist" is being used these days. At times, it feels like certain groups of people use "fascism" to label virtually everything they don't like. You're about cycles but there are hardliners in your neighorhood still supporting the car industry? Sure thing they must be fascist, because "antifa is about cycling too". This, at least to me, is extremely ...

@meena ... dangerous as it is both watering-down the term "fascism" in its actual meaning and makes it *much* more difficult to gain consensus for being "anti-fascist" (something that seems much easier for people to be if we're talking right the Tito kind of fascism but much more difficult if someone suddenly considers owning a car to be "fascist"). 😐

May I say that I'm quite tired to say anti-fascist as well? It's really an umbrella-word and we should call ourselves with our real names, socialists, anarchists and so on.

@InvaderXan You're right. I guess I should also admit my fear of democratic representation, given I feel the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is somewhat undesirable! 😉
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