The richest 1% of people produce more than twice the CO₂ than the literal billions who make up the poorest half of humanity.

Between 1990 and 2015, humanity doubled the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere.

Over half of that came from the richest 10% of people.

A bit under a 5th came from the richest 1%.

The increase in emissions from the wealthy were over 3 times that of the world's poorest.

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Source: Oxfam Report

Confronting Carbon Inequality: Putting climate justice at the heart of the COVID-19 recovery


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Sorry, small correction. I meant to type that a bit under a 6th came from the richest 1%.

Still though.

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@InvaderXan but the richest countries do recycling! and buy organic!

@InvaderXan i had to hunt for this so i figure it'll be useful to other people too, top 10% income and investments in 2018 in the USA was $184k, top 1% was $475k. top 1% combined income and investments earnings worldwide in 2017 was 744k usd.

@InvaderXan all the more reason to decrease the amount of wealthy people

@InvaderXan I was surprised to hear what the richest 1% in the world are, so I thought I'd share the perspective: richest 1% earn about 100k USD/yr and richest 10% earn about 35k USD/yr

@cryptoxic Yes. Worth bearing in mind that this is on a global scale, and the world is even less equal than most of us realise.

@InvaderXan cw capitalism please

I need at least one cup of tea before I can properly confront how screwed we are in the morning

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