Create your own 2020 aesthetic:

β€’ choose a random word
β€’ append "-core" to the end of it
β€’ collect a bunch of random stuff which is vaguely related to the random word
β€’ decorate and/or dress up


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I realise it was a missed opportunity not to go with applecore 🍎

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Note: Persian mythical monsters with lion bodies and scorpion tails are unrelated.

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@InvaderXan I can't believe the missed opportunity of calling it magmaticore

@InvaderXan you are fired for thinking of a good idea and discarding it

@InvaderXan i wish i were imaginative enough to come up with a manta ray aesthetic

@InvaderXan Someone needs to 'Jack Kirby' these beasts and turn them into superheroes. Imagine, if you will, the Lernean Hyrda teaming up with the Lampton Worm to fight crime.

@InvaderXan Plaidcore? I feel like that is an aesthetic I can lean into.

@stelepami Why not make a mood board and see what you can come up with?

literal pisspost 

@jospanner @InvaderXan I guess that moodboard would have to include BonBon?

@anarchiv I think there are already too many people whose aesthetic is basically trash

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