Cosmology can be very comforting. Sure, it sounds scary to talk about the Heat Death of the Universe, but that also means that everything will be 0K in the end.

@InvaderXan OMFG! We didn't know we could both groan and laugh so hard at the same time until now. 🤣

@InvaderXan When I started reading, I thought this was gonna be something super deep. And now ...
now I think you're terrible. (read: awesome)

@InvaderXan I once read an astronomy paper that had the sentence: “You can always reassure yourself, when things go wrong, that it won’t matter once entropy is maximized.”

@Tel This kind of thing is exactly why I like astronomers!

@InvaderXan a random gamma ray burst could end all life on earth instantly and there's no way we could predict it :)

@chemelia Well, if we’re going to get into terrifying existential threats from cosmic horrors... Gamma ray bursts come from stars, so we can at least see those before they explode. There’s only one currently known which could affect us, and it’s aligned so any burst it emits would miss us. Vacuum metastability events are a lot scarier.

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