You don't have a brand. You have a personality.

You aren't a company. You're an individual.

@benhamill @InvaderXan To be fair, most people that this type of attack is used on do have personalities.

It's just that that personality is so disgustingly brown-nosing that no one in their right mind would want to associate with a blatant class traitor.

@KitsuneAlicia @InvaderXan Hahaha. To pick on myself a bit: Wearing argyle socks, cuffed jeans and a flatcap aren't a personality, but they do kinda smell like a brand. I also like to think I have a personality, though. 😜

@benhamill @InvaderXan just poorly laid out, ill considered or too well habitually hidden

@InvaderXan very often I see my work-self as a brand. but this is a good reminder to stop doing that.

@neeti To be fair, during work hours in your professional life, sure, you may well have a brand. But there's still a trend of people referring to their personal interests and things as their "brand". Feels uncomfortable.

@InvaderXan Yes! Absolutely! There definitely is NOT a board of directors deciding on the tooting trajectory of this account, and even if there was nobody could ever prove it!

@InvaderXan thank you. brands are for corporations, products, and cattle

@bamfic Side note: Cattle are literally where that word comes from. Farmers used to put a brand on their cattle to claim ownership. Corporations now register brand names and trademarks for essentially the same reason. "This thing belongs to me so I can make money from it."

@InvaderXan now the problem isn't even corporate personhood any more, it's personal corporateness

I am not a company.
I am a cohort.
I am a legion.
I am a myriad.

@InvaderXan Speaking as a collective of wombats in a trench coat, my brand is “human”

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