@InvaderXan Hm. Is that a strawberry smoothie with rhubarb and ice? :blobthinking: That stick looks like it could be rhubarb, but then again, the rhubarb I know is usually wider...

@mezzodrinker It's a virgin mary. The stick is celery. Raw rhubarb is bad for you – too much oxalate.

@InvaderXan But you _have_ to admit, I was pretty darn close! (I really wasn't.)

Thanks for educating me again :blob_grinning_sweat:

@InvaderXan Wait a minute, that looks like a Caesar to me! What's the difference between a caesar and a bloody mary?

@InvaderXan True North, strong, and free as in freedom! I like it!

@meejah @InvaderXan I heard that as a rumor but wasn't sure if it was true! What's the backstory?

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