Please remember that the coronavirus has not gone away just because people are bored with it now

@InvaderXan Joh's parents invited us to a 'socially distanced' dinner in their LOUNGE and just went on holiday with all Joh's siblings.

We obviously didn't go and I'm furious with them. They aren't anti-maskers and took it seriously until they got bored.

@vicorva It's so frustrating, hearing things like this. But I don't think it's entirely their fault either.

The news is eager to report different things for the sake of their ratings, and the governments are trying to lift restrictions for the sake of their economy. I feel like people who aren't paying attention might easily underestimate the state of things.

Death reference, no specifics 

@InvaderXan no forgiveness for Joh's parents, who know better, but yeah. Absolutely true that so many governments are actively failing their people and letting them die because they're more scared of big business dying than people.

Death reference, no specifics 

@vicorva Wow, they genuinely are just bored with it and pretending it no longer matters, huh? How depressing.

Death reference, no specifics 

@InvaderXan Pretty much. They wear masks out but are letting people who are 'being careful' in their house and are off on their SECOND holiday atm.

They knew all along the gov guidelines are rubbish and things would get worse and then they just ... decided to get worse too.

Response to us refusing to have dinner in their house with the rest of the family 'of course you have to do what makes you feel comfortable'


Anyway, nuff said on that.

Death reference, no specifics 

@vicorva I'm sorry. I can only imagine how frustrating and infuriating this must be for you. 😔

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