Me: You know, we could actually make the world better if we really wanted to

Very Smart™ people: But have you considered the cost of making the world better??

@InvaderXan "how can I put money into education, health and the aid to refugees when all my money is going to fighting the countries from which they flee?! D: your idea is cool and stuff but it's not realistic"

@InvaderXan Bonus points if the Very Smart™ ones repeat the tragedy of the commons fallacy.

@InvaderXan CC shaun's "If we made housing free, landlords would be out on the street!" post

@amandag Captain, we cannot repel irony levels of this magnitude!

@InvaderXan Kinda frustrating how they never consider the cost of making the world much much worse is.

I think people assume there are tradeoffs to everything. If it's good it must be expensive, if it's heartless it must be 'necessary', and like, no somethings are just all round terrible things.

@diffractie Very frustrating.

I think these people also believe it would specifically make things worse for them. The fact that the world we already live in continually makes things worse for many other people is not something they consider.

Defending a status quo, ignoring that the status is very much not quo.

@InvaderXan I also see a lot of people seeing it as worse for them without thinking it through. Like "We can't raise taxes to pay for healthcare! It's a struggle to pay for my health insurance as it is!"

@diffractie They never do think these arguments through, do they? It's astonishing.

@InvaderXan Actually Very Smart people: Yeah, haven't you considered the cost of living in the current world?!

@InvaderXan you are quoting members of my family almost to the word

@InvaderXan And what if it turns out we spent all that money on something that's not absolutely necessary!?


Well, you see, if we improve the world it will make the money sad.

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