So there was this Twitter thread where some guy just said “give me your most radical left opinion” and at least half the responses were just things like “homeless people should be given homes” and “food is a human right.”

Just think about how badly you have to fuck up a society for basic human needs to be considered extreme

@InvaderXan gosh now I'm thinking about my most radical left belief and... IDK, is it that we should literally guillotine (most; I'm open to some being potentially redeemable) billionaires? That we should abolish states and borders?

What scares Liberals the most about what I believe?

@marie_joseph Guillotines or no, the intention is to redistribute wealth from there handful who’re hoarding it all to everyone else who has none. So even here, the central idea isn’t so extreme IMO, just the measures. It’s like taxation but more forceful.

@InvaderXan @marie_joseph i'm reminded of a quote posted earlier from some extreme authoritarian leftist from one the new schools of thought

@InvaderXan for anyone interested, I no longer stand by my suggestion we literally murder people. I would not feel morally justified pulling the lever myself; how can I argue others should? The answer is, I cannot.

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