So there was this Twitter thread where some guy just said “give me your most radical left opinion” and at least half the responses were just things like “homeless people should be given homes” and “food is a human right.”

Just think about how badly you have to fuck up a society for basic human needs to be considered extreme

@InvaderXan It's possible those responses were just being sarcastic? "Oh, you want radical? Here, have something "radical"!"

@Mayana If so many people opted for the exact same kind of sarcastic reply, I think that says something in itself

@InvaderXan gosh now I'm thinking about my most radical left belief and... IDK, is it that we should literally guillotine (most; I'm open to some being potentially redeemable) billionaires? That we should abolish states and borders?

What scares Liberals the most about what I believe?

@marie_joseph @InvaderXan
Sorry to barge in, but do we really need to guillotine people ?
I can the catharsis, but job take all their money should be enough, no?

@freyja_wildes @marie_joseph I agree. It’s hard to reconcile all the long speeches people have made about how punitive justice is bad, with what is literally capital punishment. Besides, making billionaires live on the same level as everyone else would be justice enough, while feeling like a worse punishment to them.

@InvaderXan @freyja_wildes my mind changes with the days, honestly. I'll probably be horrified I said this tomorrow

@marie_joseph @InvaderXan
You know, I say this right now, but IPL, you will here me saying I want to :trebuchet_trans: TERFs and compost the rich.
We, as humans, have contradictions. I'm learning to embrace both:
The will to get revenge and my actual ethics

@marie_joseph @freyja_wildes In a world where so many people live in countries built on violence, sustained by violence, and frankly obsessed with violence, it’s understandable that so many people would decide that their only solution is more violence. It’s not particularly radical though, to just keep repeating the same cycles of violence which history has always had.

Ethically, I think you're right.
It just, I got rage in me, and it something I sometimes, temporarily give up managing. It takes over me...

But yes, stopping violence would be great. Thought, it seems still necessary in some cases.


@InvaderXan @freyja_wildes violence as self-defense, however, will be necessary for a successful revolution. The question here is, can we disarm billionaires while they live? Can we remove the appeal of hierarchy they represent without removing them? I struggle to come to yes on that.

Generally I propose some sort of community service - manual labor of one kind or another - to prove rehabilitation. As a demonstration of willingness to contribute to society.

@InvaderXan @freyja_wildes so saying this kind of violence is justified is really a statement of desperation. A last resort I see as inevitable, unavoidable, not a preferred path

@InvaderXan @freyja_wildes @marie_joseph my wild-ass fantasy is to force them to live on that same level and it turn out to be pretty good, actually

@marie_joseph Guillotines or no, the intention is to redistribute wealth from there handful who’re hoarding it all to everyone else who has none. So even here, the central idea isn’t so extreme IMO, just the measures. It’s like taxation but more forceful.

@InvaderXan @marie_joseph i'm reminded of a quote posted earlier from some extreme authoritarian leftist from one the new schools of thought

@InvaderXan for anyone interested, I no longer stand by my suggestion we literally murder people. I would not feel morally justified pulling the lever myself; how can I argue others should? The answer is, I cannot.

Wow, I think I would have listed those...

But also: anarchy, end capitalism,,, so much i usually think and now I'm blanking lol

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