Why is every fucking billionaire suddenly obsessed with putting thousands of satellites into orbit? Do they just really love cluttering up the night sky, or what?


For real though, this is basically a bunch of white people trying to colonise the night sky. They're arguing it's internet infrastructure? A bunch of white people bringing their vision of civilisation to people in those poor countries sounds awfully familiar...

Also, random concern of mine, a bunch of tech bros have built software to keep those musky satellites flying in regular formation. They're designed so they can have their orbital position adjusted to keep them moving "in formation".

I genuinely wonder how long it's going to be until someone figures out how to make their thousands of satellites spell out COCA COLA in the night sky.

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@InvaderXan Did I hear FB and similar wanted giant sky billboards made from satellites or drones? or was that a fever nightmare...

@FrazzledBrynn I wouldn't be surprised. After all these are the people who look at cyberpunk's grim warnings about how awful a capitalist future would be and think "cool, let's make that in the real world" 😫

@InvaderXan @FrazzledBrynn I stopped being surprised at tech's failure to understand the lessons of fiction when someone released an actual goddamn product called "Soylent".

@InvaderXan @noelle @FrazzledBrynn not billboards *yet* but yeah illuminated drone formation happened already youtube.com/watch?v=wPz1Z_QYAx it’s cute when it’s basically just « smart fireworks » but just wait... 🤔

@FrazzledBrynn @InvaderXan people have thought about it but fortunately that's not how orbits work, they'd have to constantly keep using up fuel to maintain positions if they want to make a logo/word and it wouldn't be worth the money to do it for more than like a day to say they did

@InvaderXan only saving grace is they're all going to fall out of the sky after 5 years due to orbital decay and by then Musk will be distracted by a new shiny object.

We'll just have to worry about 12k hunks of slag hitting us out of nowhere if they don't burn up in the atmosphere. It'll be like Dead Like Me, only all over the world.

@bluestarultor Nah, they're small. They'll be ash long before they hit the ground. I'm just hoping that happens sooner than they expect.

@InvaderXan I can hope. I can tolerate a lot, but stealing the night sky is war. I spent my childhood looking up and remembering all the Greek and Roman mythology my mom read to me.

The stars have always been important to me. I got my mom the Big and Little Dipper earrings for Mother's Day before ThinkGeek stopped being a thing and it's one of her favorite pieces because of the meaning it has to both of us.

If I could fly I'd grab every last one of them and throw them at him.

@InvaderXan makes me wonder just how much station keeping fuel they have

@InvaderXan This is very literally the exact discussion that got me into physics when I was 11 or 12, with my cousin who was doing PhD research at Princeton in astrophysics. He came to visit us in WV, and we sat outside that night watching the stars and talking about this. It was just theoretical and kinda funny then, but omg so very real and terrifying now.

Infrastructure has always been the colonizer argument for expropriation. Fabricate the concept of intellectual property, exempt infrastructure, steal what you want to build on, and collect enough rent to keep it by force - land, labor, language, culture. It's a consistent application of injustice from the blatant and grievous to the subtle and petty

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