Please remember:
If your mask does not cover both your nose and mouth, you are NOT wearing a mask


If your nose is uncovered, you are not wearing a mask.

If you’re wearing it under your chin like a fabric neckbeard, you are not wearing a mask.

If you’re wearing it around your neck like some kind of weird scarf, you are not wearing a mask.

Wearing those things is meant to protect others. A lot of people are doing a really shit job of that.


agreed, and to add to it

if the bottom is flapping loose enough that it full comes away from your face when you exhale you are not wearing a mask.

a face shield is not a mask.

Omfg thank you. I still see so many people wearing them the wrong way! :angery:

@a_bun @InvaderXan just make sure the mask is on properly before you get behind that gate

@InvaderXan Legit saw someone outside of a hospital wearing it on their head. Strap around chin, mask on head. It's wild.

@InvaderXan what about sticking bits of drinking straws or other items in between the mask and the face in an attempt to improve airflow and breathing?

@LunaDragofelis Medical staff wear them for 8 hour shifts without needing to do things like this...

@InvaderXan doesn't address the question of whether doing that would degrade the effectivity of masks

@LunaDragofelis Oh. Then yes, it would. The point of the mask is to trap moisture from your breath (which can easily transmit viruses) and stop it from getting out. If you’re giving your breath an easy way to escape, it will carry aerosolised water droplets with it.

Better than no mask at all, but with reduced effectiveness.

@InvaderXan the most absurd way I've recently seen is just across the nose, mouth exposed

@InvaderXan recent research also shows that it will protect yourself by deminishing the amount of virus you get into you, and as a result of that you get milder symptoms. 👍

@maloki Hmmm that makes sense. As I undertand it, a higher viral load is often associated with worse symptoms with most viruses. Figures this one would follow suit.


(Which I admit to doing from time to time, but only outdoors when there's no one around so I can take some deep breaths.)

@ljwrites Yeah, it only bothers me when it's people sitting in train carriages like that. Which, sadly, is a thing a lot of people seem to do!

@InvaderXan yeah like why would they do that might as well put the mask away for all the good it does lol

@ljwrites @InvaderXan someone was doing this at the corner shop today when I went to stock up, and my only thought was "why are you even pretending to bother?"

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