@ehashman @InvaderXan Same, TBH, but I haven't felt up for pulling up an image editor :3

@InvaderXan I actually really like the alien pride flag.

@InvaderXan It occurs that you could do this with other pride flag too. At a glance, agender, pan, trans, and enby each have the same number of letters as their pride flag, although some of those have repeated colours and/or letters so probably wouldn't be as neat.

@InvaderXan why tag ourselves when we could… nab labels 😎

i'm "sin" tho

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa really speaks to me.

les biens
sell sensible lesbians
ban less bell lesbians

@InvaderXan not a lesbian anymore but we're claiming alien and you can't stop us :3


@InvaderXan a sail lies as an ass bass

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