Elon Ballbag 

This is the most techbro thing that any techbro has ever techbro’d. Seriously, he’s just embarrassing himself at this point.

complaining, re: Elon Ballbag 

@InvaderXan I physically recoiled while reading this. I hate how people have any respect for any of his opinions when he constantly goes around saying stuff like this

complaining, re: Elon Ballbag 

@variance 😬 Seems like 2020 really has been his year for taking off the mask and being public about his Republican techbro anti-science bullshit. And people still take him seriously for some reason!

complaining, re: Elon Ballbag 

@InvaderXan yeah, it’s awful! he doesn’t even try to hide it much, but people fetishize the cars and space vehicles, I guess. (privatization of space also upsets me but that’s a whole other rant!) and I’ve talked to so many people who assume that he must be competent at everything because he’s rich, and are thus also willing to look past the fact that he’s a terrible person and he really doesn’t know much about most of the things he acts like an expert on! ugh :/


complaining, re: Elon Ballbag 

@variance This is exactly why personality cults are such a dangerous thing IMO. People have been basically fetishising the guy for years. This seems like a logical outcome TBH.

And yeah, let’s not get started on space capitalism, because I have a LOT of thoughts about that and all of them are ranty!

complaining, re: Elon Ballbag 

@InvaderXan oh yeah, personality cult is a good term. I really wish it were easier to get people to recognize this, since it’s p v common. one thing I tell students as a rule of thumb is to beware of people who talk as if they’re an expert about fields they don’t have expertise in. (eg physicists do this a lot to other fields and it’s always terrible!) ofc expertise is a loaded concept itself but it’s a start?

also, I’m right there with you on space capitalism, ugh

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