So amused by the number of things which are referred to as “baguettes” in French 🥖


Chopsticks? Baguettes.
Drumsticks? Baguettes.
Magic wand? Baguette.
Orchestra conductor’s baton? Baguette.
Divining rod? Baguette.
Incense? Baguette.
Cane? Baguette.
Rectangular gemstone? Baguette.
Legs? Baguettes.
Authoritarianism? Leading with a baguette.

@InvaderXan Are all of these object considered interchangable in France though?

@RedFuture @InvaderXan I'm pretty sure there's at least a slight amont of misinfo near the end of the list

(and um, no.)

@pcy @InvaderXan gonna be a dictator with these fantastic gams and your linguistic nitpicking can't stop me

@pcy i think it just refers to the baguette of the orchestra conductor (who commands with his moves) :')
@RedFuture @InvaderXan

@pcy @InvaderXan @RedFuture
Moi non plus, mais l'origine des expressions est parfois bizarre :B

@InvaderXan @baerd @pcy @RedFuture j'approuve l'avoir déjà entendue de mon côté.

Pour la deuxième moitié de la liste y en a non par contre (legs, incense and cane)

@InvaderXan @baerd @pcy @RedFuture (but I can attest that 99% of the time, if it's kinda long and thin, we'll use the word baguette)

Trolling the frech, don't mind me... 

@funnypanja @InvaderXan @baerd @pcy @RedFuture the real fun thing is that sometimes we don't use 'baguette'.....

but 'bâton'

lewd, a sound effect you may be able to hear 

@funnypanja @furkachi @InvaderXan @baerd @pcy La technique de pampelmuse est POUR un baguette, vraimant...

@funnypanja @InvaderXan @baerd @pcy @RedFuture comes from the italian bacchetta, and basically, anything small and long

(have fun, there are a million meanings xD)

@furkachi @funnypanja @baerd @pcy @RedFuture
I remember reading that "baguette" wasn't even used to mean bread until like the 1920s

@InvaderXan @funnypanja @baerd @pcy @RedFuture that wouldn't surprise me tbh; it's extremely versatile, and seems to come from the latin for 'stick'

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