"But we can't defund the police!"

In the USA, the police have an annual budget of $100 billion, with an additional $80 billion spent on incarceration. During the coronavirus lockdowns, while other sectors have lost funding, some police budgets have actually increased.

We can absolutely defund the police.

"But the protests have caused so much damage! Think about how much it's costing taxpayers!"

If the protests cause $100 million worth of damage, that is only 0.1% of the annual US police budget. They could cover the total cost of repairs and barely notice the difference.

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the US prison system is legalised slavery 

"But we need the police! They've always existed!"

Modern policing didn't exist before the mid-19th century. In the US, this is around the time of the 13th Amendment, which outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude "except as punishment for crime."

Prior to this, the origins of the US police force were as slave patrols (sometimes known as Plantation Police).

Plantations became prisons. Today 2.1 million people in the USA (around 0.6% of the total population) are currently in prison. The largest prison population in the world.

The current US law enforcement system is itself a product of white supremacy.

"But who will uphold laws if we have no police?"

There have been various forms of peacekeeping and law enforcement throughout all of human history, both modern and ancient. The first centralised police force was formed in 1667 (in Paris, by Louis XIV). The word itself is originally French.

Historically, when one system was found not to be working, people have created a new system. The current system is not working.

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@InvaderXan I think the issue is most people would define those "police alternatives" as "police" because people define police as any form of law enforcement.
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