Kinda want to fit one of these with some solar cells, a battery pack and some super-bright LED lights like the one on a phone camera. For reasons.

I considered the idea of fitting one with a fan for other reasons, but that seems like it would be rather more difficult.

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@InvaderXan Ooh. Bright flashlight for nighttime mischief... err, I mean, for decoration. Yeah, that's it.

@KitsuneAlicia Well, I was thinking mostly as a defensive measure to affect the aim of people who may or may not be attempting to shoot rubber bullets at people, while also giving a way to defend against those bullets.

Oh, sorry, I meant to say yes, purely for decoration. Damn autocorrect.

@KitsuneAlicia I may have got the idea from Hong Kong protestors who use lasers for similar pretty lighting purposes.

@InvaderXan LB/note: i would test that it's polycarbonate and not acrylic before using it, otherwise you could easily get hurt worse than without a shield easily. definitely test these before using them in a riot setting

@InvaderXan I'm very interested in hearing more about the reliability and strength of these collector's items

For anyone who wants to learn how to create a proper shield wall, talk to your local SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) group. I vaguely recall a funny anecdote about SCA members one time giving a local police department tips on how to hold proper ranks with their shields during an exercise. The old Roman phalanx techniques are still useful.

@Ent For Roman techniques, you need tower shields which are a lot more cumbersome and less portable. The smaller circular shields like this one would be more appropriate for the kind of formation used by Spartan hoplites, though those shields were a lot larger.

While real Vikings never actually used shield walls, the kind popularised on TV would likely be sufficient to help defend someone who's been injured and/or is being treated by a medic.

It's possible to use Roman techniques with other shield shapes as well, though your coverage will certainly be less compared to a tower shield. Something more like a kite shield (ideally covers shoulder to knee) will probably be a better weight to coverage tradeoff, but you can still use Roman techniques with your front line even with circular shields. It's about body positioning/posture and how you form your line.

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