its 2020 we should be living in lush forested cityscapes

like, the kinds where you can hardly tell where the human handwork ends and the flora begins

@InvaderXan @soft i have bad opinions on high rise structures so i don't entirely agree with all in this picture


@meena @soft Building upwards will enable humanity to stop building outwards and leave more space for nature to coexist with us, instead of consuming nearly all available land with human habitats and/or agriculture. But that's just my opinion.

@InvaderXan @soft i know. it's just that after the 3rd storeys, people stop acting like humans below the 3rd storey, and especially, they stop interacting with other humans
if we could make buildings high, and humane, that would be really good, but i feel like not enough research has gone into that

@meena A valid point. Though I've known plenty of people who're like that without highrise buildings being involved. And I've experienced a lot more people being awful for no reason while living at ground level. I'd rather live on the 8th floor and have less interaction than live on the ground and have that interaction involve people poisoning my plants, throwing garbage in my garden, and menacing my cat.

The problem IMO is more about society than what buildings we live in.

@InvaderXan maybe a healthier society can live healthy in any structure, who knows

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