THEM: gender critical

ME: I agree, modern perceptions of gender and their stereotypical roles are outdated, and something to be intensely critical of. The entire concept of gender as it currently exists in the mainstream, particularly as a simplistic and fixed binary which correlates with a comparably simplistic view of sexual dimorphism, should probably be heavily revised, if not completely abolished

THEM: no not like that

THEM: sex not gender

ME: You're right, there are a lot of people with chromosomal combinations who don't get enough representation, and people with X, XXY, XXYY, and XXXY combinations among others, deserve proper acknowledgement in both education and popular culture. Not to mention people with XX and XY chromosome combinations which don't match their physical primary and secondary sexual characteristics

THEM: no not like that

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The language that TERFs come up with is intensely disappointing because it could potentially hold such interesting meanings if it wasn't just used as a flimsy argument for bigots to uphold rigid, outdated ideas of what gender is

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@InvaderXan it's a deliberate attempt to appropriate and hijack that language to their own ends, like how "herd immunity" is supposed to mean mass vaccination but now some bad people are trying to steal its merit to promote letting a plague infect everyone

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