Pandemic • China • American propaganda 

It’s really disappointing to see so many people all over the internet parroting the blatant American propaganda that this pandemic is somehow all China’s fault. China’s initial response wasn’t exactly great, but the idea that they somehow “covered it up” is just fiction. Lies made up by certain politicians to try and distract from their own shambolic responses.

But people love having a Designated Enemy™ especially when it justifies their racism, I guess.


Pandemic • China • American propaganda 

CHINA: Builds new hospitals from the ground up in Wuhan to treat the patients they’re expecting

WESTERNERS: lol china is wild imagine that happening here

CHINA: Goes into lockdown, deploys drones to sanitise public spaces and remind people to stay inside

WESTERNERS: omg lol how dystopian i'm glad i don’t live there

CHINESE DOCTORS: record a happy new year message while wearing their protective gear, to reassure people that they’re working hard to keep people safe

WESTERNERS: it’s like a horror movie lol

VIRUS: Reaches western countries


Pandemic • China • American propaganda 

I’m no supporter of the Chinese government, but I just needed to rant about that. Especially because of all the unashamed racism going on out there right now. It frustrates me.

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Pandemic • China • American propaganda 

@InvaderXan I heard Chinese radio earlier on and they're also pumping out the propaganda.

Last week, they were talking about how China is back to business as usual and the virus is completely gone. This week, their "line" is that the US and Europe are completely useless and feckless and China's authoritarian system is the only way forward, in not as many words.

It's all bog standard stuff, but we'd all be a lot better if countries would stop the propaganda

Pandemic • China • American propaganda 

@InvaderXan Every time I hear this drivel from either side, I just feel like saying "stop pumping out propaganda at each other and work together"

Pandemic • China • America • politics 

@ak Especially on a crisis, you’d think working together world be the important part.

TBH, propaganda bothers me more coming from western countries. China doesn’t really hide its authoritarian nature. People in western countries, on the other hand, act as if they’re just so much better while buying into the exact same us vs them rhetoric. The hypocrisy is infuriating.

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