Random bookmarks 

Instead of saving these to my hard drive, I'm putting them here now. Maybe someone might find them interesting?

• Phosop, Thai goddess of rice

• Eastern vs Western culture about wearing face masks

• Cosmism – early 20th century Russian philosophical and cultural movement

• Orrery, showing positions of planets and other solar system objects for any specified date

• 49 lentil recipes

• Thailand's philosophy of sustainable living

Random bookmarks 

• Toss a Coin to Your Witcher – Rock cover version by Violet Orlandi

• Plant hormones

• Complete map of Middle Earth (canon, but not made by Tolkein himself)

• Herman cakes

• Kvass – a traditional slavic drink made from fermented rye bread

• Fake leather made from kombucha cultures, which can be made into seamless clothing

Random bookmarks 

• Kimiya-yi Sa'ādat (The Alchemy of Happiness), English translated 12th century manuscript by Persian philosopher Al-Ghazālī

• Sanskrit manuscript of the Lotus sutra, written in ancient Brahmi script

• How to increase serotonin in the human brain without drugs

• The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking – first chapter readable online

• An Assessment of Buddhist Eco-Philosophy

Random bookmarks 

• Cats with strangely human-like faces

• 黑苦荞茶 (Chinese buckwheat tea which I 💚)

• The effect of global warming on US wildfires

• 花言葉 (The Japanese language of flowers)

• Interesting article on cooking in Dharavi, a poverty stricken area in Mumbai, and how people eat well on a shoestring budget

• Guide to LGBTQ+ symbols

Random bookmarks 

@InvaderXan Your bookmark thread has been bookmarked, thank you!

Random bookmarks 

@InvaderXan Dowloaded article on Buddist eco-philosophy.

Random bookmarks 


Recipes for some of my favourite foods that I haven't been able to get at a market for years! Saved!

Random bookmarks 

@zzz Availability of certain things varies wildly depending on where you are, it would seem!

Random bookmarks 

@InvaderXan well piroshki are a little tricky to find in Oxford vs Brooklyn

Random bookmarks 

@InvaderXan I've thought about trying my hand at kvass. I never had it but it sounds like an interesting bit of kitchen science.

Random bookmarks 

@InvaderXan I, too have been following plant/fungus leather substitutes! I've found people doing interesting things with mycelium to grow plastics and 'leather.'

Random bookmarks 

@ewankeep Yeah, all of these alternative fabrics are very interesting. I hope they catch on

Random bookmarks 

I especially like the kombucha faux leather!
seems like a lot of work to make it, but so is turning animal skin into leather.
plants and fungi are the future! 💚

Random bookmarks 

@StroomAfwaarts I've seen quite a few things like this recently. Another involved turning waste orange peels into fabric

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