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Potato Cakes

This is basically Irish Potato Farls. They're simple, filling, and cheap.

• 1 average potato 🥔
• butter
• flour
• tsp baking soda
• pinch of salt

1. Chop, boil and mash the potato (leave the skin on if you can – it's nutritious). Blend some butter into the mash to give it a better texture.

2. Knead in flour, baking soda, and salt. I never measure the flour. Use enough to get a cookie dough consistency. The right consistency will probably still be quite sticky.

3. Split the dough into balls and dust them with flour (it makes them easier to work with).

4. Flatten each ball into a circle and either pan fry them or oven bake them, turning occasionally till golden brown on each side.

These are tasty served with a little chilli sauce. Alternatively, you can mix other things into the mashed potato before making it into dough to add extra flavour and/or nutritional value. Chorizo, spinach, chicken, rosemary, or feta all work well.

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@FrazzledBrynn Hope you enjoy them! Sometimes I like to cook a few to carry with me for a light lunch. They're full of carbs, so they're a good pick-me-up if you're feeling a little tired. 🙂

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@InvaderXan oooh this sounds incredible

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@InvaderXan oooh, yes please. ^_^ It's a toss-up whether I prefer farls or potato pancakes, with all that glorious coarsely grated potato. =:9

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@porsupah I haven't had those pancakes nearly as often TBH!

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@InvaderXan They're not really a thing locally either, sadly - it's been quite a while since I had any myself. (ISTR I first encountered them in Germany, paired with apple sauce) Maybe I'll fix that - I've got all the ingredients, and the baby new potatoes have been sitting in the fridge for several weeks, so they should be deliciously sweet by now. ^_^

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@porsupah Yessssss any excuse to make delicious things! Especially if you have the ingredients handy!

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