covid-19 pandemic β€’ symptoms β€’ advice 

It seems like a lot of people are uncertain about what symptoms coronavirus actually has, so I thought I'd share this info I found from the WHO/CDC. Especially because it's not like all the other illnesses are on vacation, and it's best not to panic if you happen to get sick.

Firstly, if you're sneezing and have a blocked nose, you do not have coronavirus. You have a cold.

Secondly, if you have a headache, fatigue, and muscular aches, it's more likely that you have flu. These are common symptoms of influenza but only sometimes present in coronavirus infections.

The symptom to watch for is shortness of breath. Only coronavirus causes this. It's a respiratory infection which can cause pneumonia. This is what makes it dangerous, so watch out for it.

Advice is to seek medical help if you have difficulty breathing or have an uncontrollably high fever.

Otherwise, stay home, keep hydrated, and get plenty of rest.

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covid-19 pandemic β€’ symptoms β€’ advice 

Worth adding that, as @raye mentioned, fever and a dry cough are the most common symptoms. If you develop these, then stay at home if at all possible and avoid passing the virus to others.

Additionally, quoting the WHO directly: "These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms and don't feel unwell. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment."

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covid-19 pandemic 

And yes, I am aware that service industry workers, particularly in the USA, are the least likely to be able to actually take time off and stay at home to recover properly. Which is terrible because I can see that being exactly how and why this virus is going to keep spreading. πŸ˜•

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covid-19 pandemic β€’ symptoms β€’ advice 


I'm on the ground in Seattle, where we have the most dead so far in the USA, and the #1 symptom people present is a fever, while the #2 symptom is a dry cough.

By the time someone has shortness of breath, they have been infected for days, and if they weren't isolated they have been infecting everyone else around them all that time. By the time elderly and immuno-compromised people show shortness of breath, they will need hospitalization.

covid-19 pandemic β€’ symptoms β€’ advice 

@raye Yeah, anyone running a fever (even just from flu) should be staying at home in any case, but that point definitely bears repeating

covid-19 pandemic β€’ symptoms β€’ advice 

@InvaderXan do you have a link to the source?

covid-19 pandemic β€’ symptoms β€’ advice 

@moiety I got the info from a nurse on twitter, but she seems so have locked her account now, which is unfortunate. Looking for a reputable alternative source.

covid-19 pandemic β€’ symptoms β€’ advice 

@InvaderXan colds and influenza can also trigger shortness of breath in people with asthma and other lung conditions.

@InvaderXan Do you have a link to the original image/page? I seem to recall it was this exact image that someone else shared, but they couldn't find the original one (reverse image search doesn't find anything, at least in

@nathan I'm afraid I got it from a nurse on twitter (via a physicist friend), but she seems to have locked her account now, unfortunately. Which is a pity, because she had a bunch of other helpful advice, too.

@alx @nathan I mean, these are just the typical symptoms presented by those three infections.

@InvaderXan @nathan I largely agree, but I think it's a legitimate question to ask with health advice that cites trusted authorities. It's been posted a few times as if it's an official WHO/CDC graphic (or, at least, based on a WHO/CDC summary) and I've yet to see a direct source that connects it to either of them.

@alx @nathan No one with any sense is considering this an official graphic, as it has no logos or official branding. It cites those organisations as sources for the data – by which I mean which symptoms are presented.

And the symptoms of coronavirus are given on the WHO website, while symptoms of the other two common infections are easy to verify. You verified them yourself with that graphic you posted.

@InvaderXan I hear you - I'm sorry if I implied you were presenting the image in a way that you weren't.

The key thing is that it's clear, useful and (as you say) verifiable advice, and I don't want to detract from that.

@alx It's cool, your skepticism is understandable. If any information there wasn't so easily verifiable, I'd be more skeptical myself. But in this case, it seems fairly straightforward, I think.

covid-19 pandemic β€’ symptoms β€’ advice 

@InvaderXan you're still far more likely to have bacterial or viral pneumonia than coronavirus (it is NOT true that only coronavirus can cause pneumonia), but if you have shortness of breath as a symptom see a medical professional anyway and let them determine if you have coronavirus or not

covid-19 pandemic β€’ symptoms β€’ advice 

@Elizafox I definitely didn't say that coronavirus is the only cause of pneumonia, because it's plainly not. Rather that it's something which typically doesn't happen with colds or flu. But seeing a doctor if you have any symptoms of pneumonia is certainly wise under any circumstances.

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