Did you hear? We're getting a bunch of new emoji!!

I've been hoping for ages that we'd get some new plant emoji and now, finally, we're getting... this... What is this, anyway? Looks a little bit like... dracaena fragrans? Eh, close enough.

We get other fancy new emoji too, such as:

• A new phallic object for horny people
• Large boulder the size of a small boulder
• Medical fondue
• Internally screaming seal pup

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Seriously though, it's cool we're getting a trans pride flag emoji. Kinda fits with the new crying-with-joy smiley face.

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@InvaderXan Yay for plant in a pot :D (which is kinda like, extracted from its natural habitat but oh well I guess?)

@furkachi I can't really complain about that, with an apartment full of plants in pots...

@InvaderXan Why are you dissing the Swiss flag like that :blobfoxpleading:

Also that is the best description that seal could have ngl

@InvaderXan Also the fondue has a different appearance AND nationality depending where since from what I saw it can also be chinese and french fondue

@furkachi I guess with the Swiss flag, they wanted to specify that it was Gruyère in there.

@InvaderXan makes sense I guess. There are already 2 different kinds of fondue un French so I guess swiss is explicit as to what there is in it.

(the answer is healthpacks, obviously)

@furkachi TBH, I'm pretty sure it came from Switzerland originally, and the French and Italian versions are copies. Though many people here in France probably wouldn't agree with me.

@InvaderXan To be fair French people are extremely chauvinists and the border between France and Switzerland is more administrative than cultural so there's that.

I mean, let us remember that countries and ethnic regions looked a whole lot different when these things were created soooo

@furkachi @InvaderXan Yeah, it's pretty jarring when I cross into French-speaking regions of Switzerland xD

@laggard @InvaderXan And it's really weird to get from France to French-speaking Switzerland because there is literally no difference.

@furkachi @InvaderXan Which is also strange, because when I cross the border to Germany, there's a pretty big difference there. Except maybe for Basel, which is also more alike Germany, I guess :P

@laggard @furkachi The Berliners I've known complained that Swiss German doesn't sound right 😂

@InvaderXan @furkachi It's them who are wrong. Swiss German is the correct(TM) way to speak. :blobcatlul:

@laggard @InvaderXan It's funny because I studied German in school for 7 years in middle and high school, but since I don't practice I basically don't really speak it, but can recognize it and some words here and there.

I watched a movie in Swiss German a few years back, subtitled in French, and holy hell it sounded like German gibberish? Like it was almost like German but that didn't make sense, it was so weird

@furkachi @InvaderXan Yep, Swiss German is pretty different. We scrapped an entire grammatical tense, even :blobcatlul:
@furkachi @InvaderXan There was a movement to standardise on Standard German during the 20s and 30s... then WWII happened and the Swiss Germans clung to Swiss German to differentiate themselves from the Germans.

@laggard @furkachi This will make my life a little easier if I ever move there! Which I'm hoping to at some point.

@InvaderXan @furkachi A tiny bit, yep, but we only use Swiss German to talk, for writing anything even slightly official, we almost exclusively use standard German. (except maybe for texts)

@laggard @InvaderXan Oh okay I didn't know that. I figured it was actually the official language. So do you have school in Swiss German with German as a language then?

@furkachi @InvaderXan Pretty much! In German class, we're often required to speak standard German.

But among pals and during other lessons, we speak Swiss German (unless there's someone around who doesn't understand it)

@laggard @furkachi So there's a lot of difference, then? Like, different vocabulary...?

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@laggard @InvaderXan Oh okay nice. I mean, it's a good thing you are keeping your language ^^

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@laggard @InvaderXan yeah it must be wild to be swiss because it's such a small country divided in *3* cultural zones that speak different languages

@furkachi @InvaderXan Yeah and in Grisons you also find romansh, which is also national language, but spoken by a tiny minority

@furkachi I did always think it was a bit odd how French Switzerland is basically like a little tiny peninsula of Switzerland surrounded by France

@InvaderXan @furkachi Isn't Ticino also like that? Oh, and there are official enclaves in Switerland, such as "Büsingen am Hochrhein" (German enclave) and "Campione d'Italia" (Italian enclave)

@InvaderXan Yeah the story of western european borders is a whole mess. To give you an example that is local to where I live, the Catalan people basically spread from north Spain (notably barcelona) all the way to center south of France (like, west of Marseilles) :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@furkachi Yeah, it's a good thing there's the whole EU freedom of movement thing. It would be a headache for anyone whose family happened to live in another country otherwise.

@furkachi @InvaderXan Yeah, no freedom of movement :( Freedom of tourism under Schengen, but that's about it

@furkachi Wait, is Switzerland not part of the Schengen area? I thought it was.

@InvaderXan Switzerland is not actually a member of the European Union

@furkachi @InvaderXan Switzerland is part of Schengen and not a part of the EU. That grants does grant you visiting rights, but you can't settle here without a visa and just... endless bureaucracy

@laggard @InvaderXan Oh yeah, right. I seemed to remember there was a whole thing about it being kinda in. Must be a real fun thing to emigrate there >.<

@laggard @furkachi As immigration bureaucracy goes, trust me, the UK is the worst. It's ridiculous. Full of weird catch-22 things.

@InvaderXan @laggard They know the situation is fucked up so they don't want ppl to leave x)

@InvaderXan @furkachi Oh yep. I visited the UK once while I was still a Serbian citizen, took me months to get a visa for a 2 week visit.

@laggard @InvaderXan Oh damn >.< I mean, you wouldn't want anyone from... you kjnow.......... *these*.... countries soiling our ground, y'know? :blobrollingeyes:

@furkachi @InvaderXan I know I'm filth, but I don't need to hear that all the time :blobcatsadlife:

(just kidding)

@laggard @InvaderXan Tbh that whole country blacklisting thing is just digusting >.<

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I was ready to be an angry dragon and straight up write that Switzerland is part of the Schengen area.

Proof is that I recently went to Paris with my ID card only :)
@furkachi @InvaderXan

@l4p1n @furkachi @InvaderXan And I went to Germany and France with my ID card only too ^^

@InvaderXan Also England. Schengen does not actually apply to all of Europe but a subset of the Euro zone it's a whole thing. Because instead of being a continent, Europe is the name of a continent *and* and economic zone, which also has a subset, the Euro zone (unique money), *which* also has a subset, Schengen.

I love politics :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@furkachi Yeah, the UK is basically that troublesome younger sibling who always wants to be different but kinda just needs to grow up.

Also, you don't really need to explain the whole of Europe/the EU to me. I do live here.

@InvaderXan Oh yeah I figured. I just really love how fucked up and elitist af the whole system is :3

@furkachi Speaking as someone who's due to lose EU citizenship in exactly 7 hours and 49 minutes, I wouldn't be so quick to complain. It could be much worse.

@furkachi @InvaderXan

Wait, that's not right.

We're not in the Euro zone, but part of Schengen (and so is Norway which isn't even part of the Union.

@Jens @InvaderXan Yeeeah I realized that a little later. It's really weird that whole thing :o

@InvaderXan oshit oshit oshit oshit oshit oshit!!!!


@InvaderXan (I already knew for the pride flag so all my amazement and excited was spent yesterday x) )

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