2019-nCoV coronavirus 

Being concerned about the coronavirus is understandable. 2019-nCoV is the same kind of virus as SARS and MERS, both of which were statistically more dangerous.

Currently, the virus isn't much more of a threat than seasonal flu. It's a concern because, unlike seasonal flu, there's no vaccine available. This makes it dangerous to people who'd normally be at risk from flu outbreaks (elderly people, young children, and people with weak immune or respiratory systems).

The best preventative measures involve using hand sanitiser regularly, avoiding close contact with anyone who's ill, and remembering to cough into your elbow instead of your hand. If you aren't vegetarian/vegan, cook your food thoroughly.

If you have a cough and a fever and start to have difficulty breathing, seek medical attention early. All the dangerous parts of this illness are treatable.

There's more information available from the WHO:


2019-nCoV coronavirus • prevention 

The French Health minister has advised that surgical masks aren't necessary and don't actually offer any protection against transmission of the virus.

Instead, good hand hygiene is the recommended course of action, washing your hands regularly and using sanitiser gels when available – particularly after using public transport.


Good quality sanitiser gels are cheap and easily available from pharmacies and supermarkets.

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2019-nCoV coronavirus • prevention 

@InvaderXan I do so love product names that wouldn't fly in the Anglophone market, where this would get pronounced (at least by me) "ass anus".


2019-nCoV coronavirus • prevention 

Maybe the french health minister does not have any action in any surgical mask making company, but instead in some sanitizer gel making company?

2019-nCoV coronavirus • prevention 

@botaflo Or, less cynically, maybe she's a qualified medical doctor giving health advice?

2019-nCoV coronavirus • prevention 

Maybe, but it would be less cynical 😉

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