The Nasir-ol-molk Mosque is a stunning place in Shiraz, Iran. Built in the late 19th century with a traditional five concaved design, it's decorated with lots of stained glass. The huge number of pink tiles in its interior design sometimes earn it the nickname of The Pink Mosque.

A blend of arabic and western aesthetics, the mosque has a design distinct from the traditional Persian style, with many colourful floral patterns rather than the turquoise geometric shapes seen elsewhere.

Shiraz itself is an ancient city and a former capital of Persia, with thousands of years of history. The city is known for literature, scholars, artists, and poets, the most famous of whom is probably Hafez.

It's also famed for gardens with fruit trees and flowers, and some Iranians call it the City of Gardens. The name Shiraz is probably best known for the wine which was originally produced there.

Modern Shiraz is home to Iran's first solar energy plant.

Show thread Wow! That interior is so beautiful. It's such a contrast with the bland outside.

@bikerchick I'm not sure I'd call the exterior bland exactly, but it's certainly less vibrant, and I agree, the contrast certainly is striking! lol, tbh I only looked at the interior shot, after closer inspection the exterior is nice too.

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