Watching a Netflix documentary called Sustainable, about the problems with agriculture and industrial food production, and how to fix them. It's very interesting!

A quote from farmer Klaas Martens, being interviewed:
“every one of those [agricultural] problems can be dealt with by improving and increasing the amount of biodiversity. [...] One of my observations from farming is that whenever we have a species be dominant it’s generally the right one for the conditions, and when we have a weed take over a field, it’s quite often nature taking a problem we’ve created and trying to fix it for us.”

@InvaderXan weird, I think that documentary us called Rotten in my Netflix. Looks interesting. Need to check this out.

@tootbrute Rotten is a different documentary (a series). I haven't seen it, but I think it covers some similar topics, yes.

@InvaderXan (cc @emsenn , I know you don't have Netflix but there's a DVD out in the world and if you give me a couple weeks I can, uh, "obtain" the video and mail it to you)

@emsenn !!! Huh, I thought you said you didn't have it and that's why you couldn't watch Star Trek.

there goes my chance to start an entertaining high-low tech fusion underground railroad to you of hand-burned DVDs of streaming stuff

@InvaderXan I didn't finish it yet but I think they somehow managed to not explain why US farmers grow so much corn: subsidized corn syrup which is not healthy at all and the whole things is so badly broken I just can't

@charlag True, that part wasn’t really mentioned. But TBH, industrial agriculture is so broken, especially in the US, that it’s probably hard to cover everything in a single film. And I liked the fact that they gave plenty of time to the chefs and farmers. Farmers in particular are greatly undervalued in society, IMO.

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