@InvaderXan That sucks. D'you want to talk about it? I'm here if you want to.

@InvaderXan oof... is there anything I can do to help? Offering a virtual hug, if wanted πŸ€—

@InvaderXan if I can help in any other way as well: I’m here

@InvaderXan πŸ’™ you are awesome and this month can definitely go fuck itself if it's been bad to you.

I'm sad to read you're passing through a tough moment... here some blackberries 😊

Think big and bigger.
All days, months and upcoming years can suck it.
Give spacetime itself a finger.
Rise above.

@InvaderXan just remember: when this month ends, spooktober begins

@InvaderXan oh noes. Here's a honey bee on a Helenium, to give you some cheer.
Plus hugs xx

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