It isn't always better for the environment to buy food locally. How it was farmed and how it was imported matter too. Most of the carbon footprint of groceries is from how they were grown and not how they were transported.

If it's in season where you live, then locally grown is best. If it's out of season, you need to consider a more nuanced point of view.

some surprising sustainability 

This is so perfect! I think the idea that farming is bad for the environment is misleading. It’s incredibly narrow and just doesn’t address the issues we should be talking about. Thank you for this !


@SpunkyAlpaca Anytime πŸ™‚ I think a problem is that a lot of people see things as being too black and white. Some things are "good" while other things are "bad" and that's as much as anyone considers. We should definitely be talking about the bigger picture here. The real world isn't quite so clear cut!

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