@restioson It isn’t a threat to... errrr... 🤔 Yeah, I’m not seeing any bright sides to this one.

@Juju Errr... they’re probably good for sales of cheap shitty beer? Yeah, other than that, I’ve got nothing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Juju @Anke Personal hygiene products which are just like the ones sold for women, but with the words FOR MEN written on them and with like, some wanky description full of thinly veiled misogyny. Which also say they smell like rocks or some crap.

@Juju @Anke The worst part is, I’m pretty sure those actually exist.

@Juju @Anke The name is a big facepalm :blobfacepalm: but you’re right, that does sound pretty good!

@Anke @Juju There was a tumblr post a while back with these “candles for men” things. The ones I remember were cut grass, bacon, sawdust, and one which was just questionably named “Man Town” 🤔

@InvaderXan I've experienced ridicule because eating a veggieburger is not 'masculine' enough.

I guess I'd better go lift some weights and buy a car that's louder than normal to prove I fit in /sarcasm

@puffinus_puffinus @InvaderXan Don't forget to buy a candle that smells like dirty socks! That's super manly!

@puffinus_puffinus 😕 I think we’d do well to completely revise the concept of “manly” TBQH

@InvaderXan hey, if the marketing departments of Braun and Phillips managed to make them shave their chests, anything is possible. Imagine a concerted marketing campaign that makes them care about plants. "Bro, do you even grow?"

Pshh, caring for the environment is so gay. 🙄


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