@restioson It isn’t a threat to... errrr... 🤔 Yeah, I’m not seeing any bright sides to this one.

@InvaderXan I've experienced ridicule because eating a veggieburger is not 'masculine' enough.

I guess I'd better go lift some weights and buy a car that's louder than normal to prove I fit in /sarcasm

@puffinus_puffinus 😕 I think we’d do well to completely revise the concept of “manly” TBQH

@InvaderXan hey, if the marketing departments of Braun and Phillips managed to make them shave their chests, anything is possible. Imagine a concerted marketing campaign that makes them care about plants. "Bro, do you even grow?"

Pshh, caring for the environment is so gay. 🙄


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