Exactly how much of the northern hemisphere is *not* having a heatwave this month, anyway? πŸ”₯

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@InvaderXan well we had a hurricane tropical storm thing a month before the season

@Cyborgneticz With forecasts of 39Β°C this week, I probably will be pretty soon! Today though, is a comfortable 28Β°C, so it’s not so bad right now.

@InvaderXan when I look at the span of humans I know irl, just me in the emerald city and friends who are almost on the water in the bay area are having summer temps that are following historical patterns.

@InvaderXan I recently reconnected with a friend from grad school, and she's in Decatur AL. The heat and humidity she has been experiencing makes me wonder when we are going to stop talking heat index and switch over to wet bulb globe temperature.

@raye Honestly, at this point, it seems like weather forecasts should start including that. Certainly something which is about exposure levels, anyway.

@InvaderXan nothing is done in the USA until someone tells someone else it's profitable to do. I guess you could say futurism is one of my hobbies because I research details like that and then watch for when our society shifts to incorporate the new data/system and what triggered it. Like, how much industrial money loss or human life loss has to happen before we switch to reporting the temp stats based on safety for working outdoors in the sun (wbgt) versus temp in the shade (heat index)?

@raye Sounds like an interesting, if potentially slightly depressing, subject to learn about.

@InvaderXan as something that makes me better able to care for myself and my community, I'm learning how to calculate and use WBGT, and sharing that knowledge, which makes it less depressing.

@raye That’s a really nice approach to take 😊

@InvaderXan Seattle has been having a cool, wet July like we used to have a few years ago and all the recent transplants are like, "Wait, when does summer start?"

It's been brutal this month. I'm not looking forward to heading south in a month for more field work. I've spent a couple weeks just wet with sweat constantly.
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