I have a really lovely piano solo version of い぀も何度でも from Spirited Away on my phone and it's honestly delightful.

Sadly, I don't know where I've acquired it from but it doesn't include the name of the performer. And I really need to find out!

This playlist also has a performance of the first movement from Beethoven's Moonlight sonata (the famous one). Unfortunately, one of the keys on the piano needs to be fixed. Bad voicing, maybe from a misaligned hammer? I'm not sure. I'm no piano expert. But I noticed it and now I can't un-notice it!

Which is a pity, because it bugs me, and the melody is otherwise really nicely played.


Gosh, Chopin's nocturne in Eβ™­ is probably one of my favourite melodies in the entire world. πŸ’š


when you are near the end, you can push all the passion and desire left into your music.

PS: i dont mean "you" like YOU; more like in general.

@InvaderXan That's Es moll, I suppose? :) The melody is, indeed, very captivating. Although... It is Chopin. :) The poet of the piano.

@InvaderXan Like Denis Matsuev once said: "Pianists would be orphans without Chopin."

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