The whole concept of influencers is bullshit. Stop allowing your opinions to be shaped by people who don’t even care that you exist.

And no I don’t just mean on those *other* social networks. I mean everywhere. Here included. Here especially.

Yes, it's why I stopped following the news so avidly. "I will read some words that exist and then be angry." Not helpful at all, stops me from seeing past all of that. Self-inflicted.

@scribe More than the news, I’ve made a point recently to try and avoid those social media accounts who seem to post very little other than things to be angry about. Which... just... ughhhh.

Yes! I've started doing the same from this account. Filtering by emotion is better than by hashtag...

@InvaderXan here especially because this place has an inherently warped perception of the line between 'interaction' and 'friendship'. Every interaction means more here.

@canary Yeah, and I think it takes a little time to adjust to that difference.

@InvaderXan does somebody do that on purpose? I'm aware I'm influentiable, but I've never tried to be. I guess it would require some amount of active resistance

@matias93 On purpose? I’m not sure. But it’s probably wise to be wary of people who tell others what their opinions should be.

@InvaderXan @matias93 I've been working on getting the "outrage vampires" out of my mastodon experience. I've had more than enough of their poison.

After close to a year here, I almost called it quits. But I've also found a nice group of people worth interacting with, so I didn't want to just quit completely.

So I've been unfollowing a lot, hiding boosts from some people, and just limiting the time I spend here. It seems to be working pretty well so far. We'll see!

@leadore @matias93 I think on any part of the internet, it's worth taking the time to curate your feeds like this. We should be wary of what we choose to allow into our eyeballs.

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